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The world watches America as it strives to defend our democracy | The Hill


Our founders always imagined America as the shining city on a hill. Near the end of his life, James Madison, one of our earliest diplomats, stated, “Our country, if it does justice to itself, will be the workshop of liberty to the civilized world.” As the horrific scenes at the Capitol unfolded, I was heartbroken as the world watched an attack on this noble vision.

The reactions from across the globe were swift and overwhelming. Even before the lawless riots finished, the confidence of our allies was shaken with calls for



A warning for the next Pandemic | The Hill


As Congress moved this week to quickly approve critical federal funding to combat coronavirus that has been spreading at a voracious speed, the sad truth is that the United States and the world are woefully unprepared for the next and potentially even more deadly pandemic threat.

Late last year, I visited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and asked the director, Robert Redfield, what keeps him up at night. Even with all the other biothreats, he said what he fears most is the current global lack of preparedness for a