America stands to lose as China places bets on developing world

It is impossible to ignore the volume of voices crying out about the looming economic threat of China. But while many are focused on the budding trade war, we ignore a key part of the story at our own peril, which is how China’s investments in the developing world are far outpacing our own. China, for years, has dramatically expanded its competitive playing field, and it is certainly playing to win. Just travel to places like Africa or the Americas, and China’s footprint is everywhere.

China watchers point to the “One Belt One Road” initiative. But I do wonder if the average American realizes that China is on track to spend more than a trillion dollars, seven times the size of the Marshall Plan in real dollars. While China is ambitiously building new ports and markets across the globe, increasing its economic connectivity from Asia to Africa to the Americas, the United States is getting left behind.

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